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The Fremont Street Experience is classic Vegas in all its neon glory, and where you'll find that famous smoking-cowboy marquee, who actually has a name: Vegas Vic.It's free to stroll through the outdoor pedestrian mall that now covers the busiest stretch of Fremont St -- with the sole exception of New Year's Eve, the only time admission is charged.But here's the good news: There's still a little bit of free fun to be had in Las Vegas. As far as iconic Vegas images go, it's hard to beat the Bellagio fountains. The spectacle is set to music -- shows featuring Frank Sinatra and Andrea Bocelli are especially cool; Faith Hill and Celine Dion, not so much.You can catch one every half-hour in the afternoon and every 15 minutes at night, but they can be cancelled at any given time due to high winds.Pick from adventures like swimming, diving and snorkeling tours, dolphin encounters, relaxing on the beach, nature trails, dolphin and sea lion shows, botanical garden and more.

Big-name national acts will occasionally show up, especially during a free summer concert series that's drawn the likes of Joan Jett, Bret Michaels, 3 Doors Down, and Melissa Etheridge.

A local dive-bar can provide a lot more entertainment than a stuffy cocktail joint. Or,when that gets old, you can always play a game of foosball or darts.

In response to Lauren’s post yesterday, 25 Sweet Things You Can Do For Your Girlfriend That Are Better Than Flowers But Don’t Cost A Thing, here’s a list I pulled together for the women. When you’re both at work and stressed and gchatting, tell him how badly you want both of you to play hooky, go home, and watch a whole season of in bed together. Every once in a while, actually follow through with #14. Slip a note in his back pocket before he leaves for work, just telling him you hope he has a good day. Make a Spotify playlist of stuff you think he’d like. Send him a text out of the blue telling him you want him to drop everything he’s doing and come seduce you.

He’ll pretend like he’s annoyed by it, but he toottttaaally isn’t.

For now I want to share 10 Fun Things To Do In Cozumel you might want to visit if you find yourself on this amazing island. Señor Frog’s – Looking for spicy food and a fun atmosphere? Home of the infamous ‘bikini bar stools’ this restaurant and bar is always hopping. “You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a good time and great food.” 2. Sancho’s Beach Club – This private beach area club is packed with enough relaxation for the adults and fun for the kids.

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