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It has always been a very important route for many invaders to south east Asia, Including Alexander the great Scythians, Mangol Changez Khan and numerous others.

Chitral is a small town with a one single street bazaar and a few tourist class hotels.

Those two partitions were called East and West Pakistan and they were separated (right down the middle) by India.

The city of Islamabad, with its mix of traditional Islamic architecture styles and modern features, became the capital city when it was officially moved here from Karachi in 1959.

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Le Trio de Nicolas Montier invite Pierre Charial dans une création inouïe mêlant Jazz et Orgue de Barbarie. Charial ist weit mehr als ein „Kurbeldreher“, er ist vielmehr gleichberechtigter Interpret und variiert die Töne seines Instruments bereits durch die Drehbewegung der Kurbel.

In 1947, as British rule came to an end in India, Pakistan was created when the Muslim-dominated parts of India (to the west and east) of Hindu India, were given autonomy.Pakistan shares its land boundaries with Afghanistan Iran, India, and China.Chitral located in the North west of Pakistan is a beautiful valley in the Hindukush range of Mountains.Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan but Karachi is the largest city.Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad are the other major cities of Pakistan.

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