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Understanding how these illusions work is a key to developing our ability to think spatially.Spatial concepts come into play whether we are trying to find our way through the streets of a strange town, figure out how to wrap cloth around a body to achieve a fashion idea, envision the inner structures of a complex mechanism or body part, or simply do an accurate drawing of what we see.

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A new release of SDCC, the portable optimizing compiler for 8051, DS390, Z80, Z180, Rabbit 2000, HC08, STM8 and PIC microprocessors is now available (

The item must be returned in good condition, in original boxes (whenever possible), and with all paperwork, parts and accessories to insure full credit.

After 30 days, please contact the manufacturer directly.

SDCC compiler suite include: SDCC was written by Sandeep Dutta and released under a GPL license.

Since its initial release there have been numerous bug fixes and improvements.

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