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maybe I could get some idea or hint where to start repairing.

Another way to fix this would be by updating the binding source on text changed rather than when it looses focus, and for that you can use the Text Binding helper from Coding4Fun Toolkit for Windows Phone.

The Binding Source object encapsulates all of the Data Set object's data and provides programmatic control functions that perform actions such as moving through the data, adding, updating, deleting items etc.

In other words the Binding Source provides control of bound data on a form. NET usually uses Data Set, Table Adapter, Binding Source, and Binding Navigator objects.

It works perfectly fine if i make some text boxes upand enter the data in them, it only seems that when entering the data into the gridview that it doesnt commit it back to the database.

Was thinking of doing it this way, Yeah, in the object i have a .

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