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I feel like I’ve been learning a lot about myself lately.I’ve never been 26 before, but it seems like the way to spend this year. These five guy types are every Miami girl’s worst nightmare. Until, of course, you steal his heart and encourage him to set his sights on the club General Manager position… The one who doesn’t travel anywhere without a gaggle of models or naive young college girls trailing in his wake?NARR’s suggestion would include an image of a man or woman with a beer belly, along with the caption “drinking can be ugly”. “We can’t force people to stop drinking in excess, but at least we can subtly remind them what the impacts are on their future well-being,” Doofmann said. Alcohol producers will be required to foot the cost of placing the extra labels on bottles themselves, just like cigarette manufacturers, or face a hefty fine.

I’ve been to West Texas for a job interview and fought the urge to kiss the red clay dirt when I returned.I’ve spent a week vacationing in New York and longed for Southern accents. I used both hands to grip the railing of the circular staircase at work, easing myself down into the lobby or up into the breakroom.I’ve lounged around Florida with my parents and siblings and wondered if that’s really where I was raised. I went to a dance class last night, and it feels like the first time I’ve used those particular muscles in years. We share an interest in exploring all aspects of the artistic culture that surrounds us and in the people that create it.This blog is about sharing those discoveries and maybe even inspiring you to do some discovering of your own.

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