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(Photo Credit: Getty Images) Natalia and Charlie first sparked romance rumors in September after they both shared pictures from a trip to Spain on Instagram.A source told exclusively in January that the pair is an item.Fans are always excited about celebs' personal lives.Therefore, the celeb kids are already stars even if they are not a part of the glam world.Of the 2,647 singles surveyed, ages 18 to 59, 69 percent are "at least somewhat confused about whether an outing with someone they're interested in is a date or not." A "one-on-one hangout," after all, might be a date —80 percent of respondents said they'd guess so—but it also might not be.It is always possible—confusing but possible—that someone for real wants to be your friend. Here's how you know: Dating: If the person who does the asking pays and you feel momentarily weird about it.

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They’re inseparable, and spend nearly “every waking minute together, on set and off.” (Photo Credit: Getty Images) On top of that, Natalia, 20, and Charlie, 23, celebrated a major milestone earlier this year.Dating: Phones off the table, on silent, no alarms, no texting, no exceptions.Unless someone's in the bathroom—that's when you text your actual friends to tell them how it's going. Or the person who does the asking doesn't pay—that can be a date too. The point is that it's a date if the check comes and nobody knows what to do about it.Hanging out: He tells that story about the time he went home with this really hot girl but then she turned out to have a peace sign tattooed on her inner thigh and he just couldn't deal with that level of earnestness, but they totally hooked up anyway.

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