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Actually, his wife Alexis was his college sweetheart. At first, they were very good friends but slowly they realized that their relationship is more than friendship.source: celebitchy After dating for a year, the couple exchanged vows in July 1991.has begun to get a taste of the drama that's in store for them.Cast member Tony Raines may have it the worst though as TWO ex-girlfriends show up at the house and it all goes down right after he has sex with roommate Madison.Most known for her interesting personal life, Alexis Knife suddenly became a celebrity after she got married to Timothy Olyphant.

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This couple is regarded most adorable pairs of the Hollywood.This could make for some serious craziness on the show. She currently works as a hair stylist at Pure Salon and Spa in Louisiana, enjoys going out with her friends, and she studied cosmetology at the Aveda Institute.Now that you're all caught up, check out Alyssa's best Facebook photos.In previous episodes, Tony has talked about his exes, saying that he broke up with Elizabeth before coming on the show so that he wouldn't have anything holding him back from fully enjoying the experience.He also told Madison that his first love Alyssa is very jealous and "stalker-like", even chasing a girl with a brick once.

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