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It comes with a variety of attachments so they can use it on a bike, skateboard or helmet.

The VTech Kidi Zoom Action Cam is a video and photo camera designed for active kids aged around 4 to 9.

My 7 year old got one for his birthday and it has proved a real success.

My 3 year old son opened it for Christmas this morning and it has been, by far, his favorite "toy."Positives:~looks similar to an adult camera~durable: My son has already dropped it several times on several hard surfaces and it works just fine~holds 1000 pictures, which is a lot: My son has been using this camera all day and hasn't hit the limit yet~easily uploads to computer: acts just like a jump drive and couldn't be any easier to upload (he now has his own album on my facebook)~simple: it is so easy to use. It doesn't have tons of features and games like some of the other kid cameras.

I like this much better because it just focuses on the picture taking~it has a projector: my kid can show off his awesome pictures So-so:~It takes 4 double A batteries, just like my adult camera.

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