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Andrew Gurza, a disability awareness consultant and wheelchair user, said he asked an agent Wednesday at the passport office on Victoria Street to assist him with the form.Gurza said he cannot write on his own and doesn't own a printer because he lacks the physical ability to use one, so he booked a 45-minute Wheel-Trans ride to the downtown office. When it came to my turn, I rolled up and just said, 'Hi, I'd like to renew my passport and I'm going to need some assistance with doing that,'" said Gurza.That's when he learned Passport Canada staff don't provide that kind of service."He goes, 'Well you're going to need to find someone to help you.' And I looked around and I thought, 'Who am I going to ask? '" Gurza said he was handed a paper form and took it home — another 45-minute ride.Being in the center of Kingdom Trails, with all our mountain bike friendly amenities sets us apart from all others. The fact that we have 8 children of our own, and knew the need to create a family friendly atmosphere when we bought the property was just the beginning.

If you discover one of these, please send it to us, and we'll add it to our database of clues and answers, so others can benefit from your research.He was seen to be bleeding profusely from his face after hitting his head off his chair’s armrest during the incident.The statement from the CEO is marginally less confrontational than a previous missive on the subject from the airline which simply said that when the man refused to volunteer “law enforcement was asked to come to the gate”.Oscar Munoz, chief executive of United Airlines, has said sorry for “having to re-accommodate those customers”.Yesterday’s flight, bound for Louisville, Kentucky from Chicago, saw a number of dramatic videos circulating on social media of an Asian man screaming in distress while being dragged from his seat on the plane.

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