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i had in the meantime read about the internet, and knew that there were newsgroups and so i hopped right into the newsreader and found alt.when she wanted things to take a more romantic turn, she wrote herself into the stories in place of janeway.And in the meantime, I'll be trying my best to publish the Seasons ...Here's a quiz to test your state of mind made this quiz wit Yami and Mystogan would really awesome if you follow us leave comment in our quizzes and leaving a like it's always appreciated thanks and enjoy Hey friend! It's been a while since I published this quiz 2-3 years ago and I decided to tweak things up a bit, also I added two more You Tubers! Results Contain: Markiplier, Yamimash, Pewdie Pie, Manga Minx, Cryaotic, Tobuscous, Cinnamontoastken, Jackseptic...Whilst TBK's page states that he's a similar but distinct entity from Yami Bakura.I was beginning to think Yami Bakura was both spirits combined, but then after some more reading, I began to think Yami Bakura was ONLY Zorc and had nothing to do with TBK.

quickly became a lurker, and at some point in that first season people started talking about the new usenet group people were using to discuss the show–away from the official forums and eyes.

Pen Name: Hiki-chan (aka Hikari)Reading/Writing/Fangirling: I write mostly yaoi, of course.

The only het I can foresee myself writing is either original fictions or Okita/Kagura from Gintama (while fangirling over Hiji/Gin on the sidelines).

Garr, the introduction paragraph makes everything even more confusing to readers. It says "he was believed to be the spirit of the Millenium Ring before it was actually revealed to be Zorc." It doesn't really matter what it was believed to be, because he is NOT the spirit of the Millenium Ring, the spirit of the Ring is Yami Bakura.

I believe Yami Bakura's page states that Thief King Bakura is Zorc and TBK's spirit are both locked away in the Millennium Ring and Yami Bakura is a combination of both Zorc and TBK.

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